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About Us - How We Work

Our philosophy is to focus on the needs of the customer, from the first contact, through planning, installation, and beyond. Whether you need a residential or a commercial system, a basic installation or you have special design requests, we offer personalized assistance and solutions.

Customer Care
Your first call will be handled by our customer care representative. We provide consultation via the phone as well as free, no-obligation site surveys. Your advisor will take all necessary measurements of the area, along with inclination and position in relation to the sun. Based on this information he or she will offer the best solution for your plans.Where available, our customer care will provide you detailed information about the current incentive programs and the most advantageous financing. Your customer care will manage all the necessary paper works for permits and the rebates.

Installation Planning
Our engineers take into account your requirements, as well as the architectural and climatic conditions and all relevant statistical and geographical data in order to maximize your energy savings. In addition, you receive nothing but tested components of the highest quality, perfectly tuned for best fit and maximum output.

Professional Assembly
After the permit is granted, a project manager along with our trained team will be assigned to your project. We will arrange for the installation of your system through a trained Mehr Solar professional contractor. Generally the installation of a residential system takes only a few days. We will work with your utility company to have your system connected to the electricity grid.

Service does not end at installation. Should you have any questions or concerns after installation, you may contact us and we will respond promptly to your needs. 


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