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About Us - Corporate Overview

Mehr Solar west coast and east coast operation have a combined:

  • 15+ years of full time dedicated commitment and resulting experience in solar PV industry,
  • More than 495 Mega Watt solar systems planned, designed, engineered or installed in state of California, New Jersey, New York, Long Island, Florida, Texas,
  • 7880+ successful residential and commercial installations,
  • Business partners with major vendors and global dominant manufacturers,
  • Business partners with financial institutions, MMA, Conergy, GreenTech, Western Heritgae Financials, and various local and regional banks. 
  • Certified CEC (California Energy Commission) eligible to apply for state incentives,
  • State of California General Contractor (B) & Solar Licensed (C46) #863192 insured & bonded with in-house certified licensed responsible managing officer not an out of company licensed individual. 

We enable our customers to invest their money in sustainable solar projects which both protect the environment and deliver a return. Projects can be in any form or on any scale. With our complete service and support package, you can expect your equipment to operate successfully and profitably.

Our objective is to make solar a viable and rewarding alternative to other energy sources by:

  • Offering solar electricity at or below current retail prices,
  • Providing innovative, customized financial solutions,
  • Having one of the most efficient, cost-effective sourcing design and installation capabilities in the industry.



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