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About Solar Energy - Why Invest in Solar

The cost of a Solar system includes the photovoltaic products (panels, inverters, racks, rails, cables, conduits, ikons, etc.) & labor cost for installation. Your PV system total cost will depend on several factors including the average annual daily kWh energy usage, size of system, the location in terms of longitude, latitude, azimuth & Sun radiance, energy efficiency, & other possible site related factors. 

Mehr Solar can provide you with a free remote site evaluation & cost estimate, no site visit needed unless you would like our site assessment solar technicians to be there. Call or email us the address & we do the rest & call or email you back with the estimate. Financing is available.

This is a fully electronic industry, no mechanical components or moving parts. However, The biggest enemy of your solar panels are dust.  Click here to see our solution in action.

By investing in solar power, you can gain energy independence and generate your own clean renewable electricity from the sun while:

  • Save money every month by lowering your electric bills, especially peak rates,
  • Enjoy energy independence by becoming your own power producer,
  • Utilize free energy from the sun to reduce the effects of utility rate increases,
  • Protect the environment by using clean energy in your home,
  • Create new jobs & expand industry


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