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Mehr Solar is a solar industry system integration & project management entity and has 3 separate divisions, each focused on a specific solar technology. From the start, we have been doing solar only on a full time basis.  We are not coming from doors & windows, roofing, electrical, plumbing, or any other trades. The academic, educational, training & professional  background of our people is in renewable energy & specifically solar technology. We started as a purely solar company and continue to be in solar industry only. 

Mehr Solar is the renewable energy division of Mehr U S Corporation, licensed by Contractors State License Board since 2005 in excellent standing as a General Building Contractor (B License) and as a Solar Certified Contractor (C46 License). We are rated "A+" by Better Business Bureau & a "5 Star" by 3rd party independent solar rating companies. Please also see testimonials on the 1st link below - Solar PV. We have been featured by PBS on a special program which are being broadcast on PBS stations every 3 month, please check your local PBS listing.  

  • 1st PBS interview:  Please click here to see the basics of understanding solar energy

  • 2nd PBS interview: Please click here to see the basics of implementing solar projects

  • 3rd PBS interview: In process - basics of solar system installations

Mehr Solar is a Co-founder of Orange County Renewable Energy Society, a local chapter of American Solar Energy Society (ASES) authorized to do solar business in U.S. We have been in business since 2005 & incorporated in 2007. Mehr Solar is certified by State Board of Equalization and have been issued “Sellers Permit” so we can buy direct from original solar manufacturers or our upstream vendor partners for reduced wholesale cost and pass savings to our clients, making our pricing model more competitive. 

As an EPC (Engineering, Procurement & Construction) management firm, we provide one stop shop, full service solar analysis, design, engineering, integration, installation & post installation support. We also take care of City, State & Federal rebate processing on your behalf and manage all paper-works required by IRS for granting 30% Tax incentive for solar PV & up to $500,000 for solar thermal, as well as obtaining all required documents, coordinating with HOA for residential projects & property management firms, your city & utility companies permits, licenses, inspections & approvals. 

All of these time consuming, yet critical & sensitive document processing & permit requirement services are done in-house by our own staff. 

Mehr Solar has 3 divisions. Please click below to get more info.

Solar PV   Photovoltaic - Generating Electricity,
Solar Thermal   Heat - Producing Hot Water,
Solar BIPV Building Integrated Photovoltaic

In addition to several national and regional banks, Mehr Solar is also a partner with the following financial institutions and funding programs designed specifically for energy efficiency & renewable power. These programs "make the energy efficient choice the affordable choice for more property owners in States where available."
A Mehr Solar Partner
  • Hero stands for Home Energy Renovation Opportunity
  • This program is fully supported & offered through your City or County
  • Quick eligibility over the phone without a credit application
  • Borrow up to 15% of your property's value
  • Payments are included in your semi-annual property tax. No monthly payments
  • Approvals are not based on FICO scores & usually takes a few minutes over the phone
  • You get extra tax benefits in addition to 30% of the total cost in tax rebates
    Above info courtesy of heroprogram.com


    A Mehr Solar Partner
  • No money down & 100% financing
  • Quick eligibility over the phone without a credit application
  • No up front payment & no payments until Dec 2018 if projects funded by 6/30/17
  • Fixed terms up to 30 years
  • Energy savings may pay for the improvements
  • Get all your qualifying projects done at once
  • Payments may stay with the property
  • Eligibility based on property equity
    Above info courtesy of yGreneWorks.com


For more info, call our toll free or regular # above or an email to info@MehrSolar.com or click here.

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